Sanitizing and disinfecting everyday use objects can drastically reduce the potential sources of pathogenic transmission. High-touch surfaces such as cellphones and key boards are one of the potential sources of pathogenic transmission; therefore, they can increase the risk of infections. For these types of surfaces, UV disinfection is superior to chemical disinfection in terms of environmental footprint, operating costs as well as ease of operation. Thus, our solution uses UV-C light to disinfect objects, just like other available products. However, unlike the incumbents, our device will cover the object with a thin layer of coating that is antimicrobial in nature. This coating will be sprayed onto the objects so that the object is protected from further microbial growth. The same UV-C light will cure the coating in an instant. This is an opportune time to introduce our product as the recent COVID-19 outbreak and other ones such as MERS, SARS have raised public awareness regarding sanitizing and disinfection. People understand that it is imperative to maintain proper hygiene and disinfect touch items to prevent a pandemic.